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Will Interactive Art Activations At Events Be The Next Big Thing?

Will Interactive Art Activations At Events Be the Next Big Thing?

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The COVID-19 lockdown hit the event industry for the second time, with nearly all events being cancelled or postponed indefinitely and with the Government announcing a limit on mass gatherings for the foreseeable future, the events trade was killed overnight.

While the events industry is on hold why not grasp at this opportunity to strategize your comeback with interactive art activations at events!

The dilemma most businesses face today: Will we adapt to a new way of marketing and hosting interactive events, with the old ways of working seeming outdated, or will it simply snap back to business as usual? Will Interactive art activations be the new normal?

Undoubtedly the events and exhibitions industry is incredibly resilient, and our human need to interact and exchange information face-to-face will result in a recovery in time. However, the impact of Covid-19 has sparked a revolutionary new immersive interactive art concept that would engage and excite millennials.


Create Agency, has blossomed during this dark time and we are grateful to have some amazing clients to work alongside.

Our secret behind mitigating through a crisis and gaining control again was to reflect, rebuild and recover.

Over the first lockdown, Samantha Fernandes, Creative Director, used the rare gift of time as an opportunity to reassess her business from a different perspective and build meaningful relationships with like-minded creatives. From this, CREATE received an enquiry from the Ponsonby Business Association that presented both businesses with an opportunity to Light up Ponsonby. 

The Light Up Ponsonby event held last week represented the future of interactive art events through creative human experiences that minimise social interaction and allows families to go out with close relatives. While this may not have been the intention at the time as we drift back into uncertainty it’s an increasingly positive feeling to know we can still create experiences for the public that generate connections with businesses for a positive economical outcome. 

With an influx of families and general foot traffic along the Ponsonby strip, all eager to enjoy whanau, friends and, fine dining we can feel confident that through innovation, creation and a positive attitude we can pivot the use of immersive experiential events to continue to connect brands with their consumers in order to keep Aotearoa’s business’s alive and the public’s spirits up.



During a time of so much uncertainty, it is essential to think about how you can thrive & turn your event entertainment into creative interactive marketing.
Looking at the Coachella music festival for inspiration can be a great start – it’s a spectacle that captured our imagination without inundating one with the “tech” of it all. The revolutionary concept blended digital artistry with sustainability and technology which not only engaged but excited millennials.

The attendees were cocooned by giant LED flowers whose colours and movement they could control. A light painting experience transformed visitor-created text or images into a bespoke artwork.
The eco-friendly ‘art’ station saw visitors design their own graphics that were then printed on water bottles.

These interactive art activations were designed to immerse attendees in the beauty and power of HP technology.
Similarly, next was The Drone Experience saw 420 HP-powered Intel drones take to the skies as part of a six-minute aerial light show – the first-ever live drone light show at Coachella.


While the events industry is on hold why not grasp at this opportunity to strategize your comeback!

Let’s explore your ideas and create a welcome back strategy that builds engagement and hype, and puts your brand in the spotlight. 

The aim and purpose of most of the installations were to be visually arresting and to create interactive structures that presented excellent selfie spots.

Hosting interactive events offers immersive experiences that keep your audience engaged and entertained throughout these trying times. It’s those businesses who stay in front of mind and continue to market themselves through a pandemic that flourishes out the other end.

Interactive Art Display

It’s also a shrewd move that puts the company ahead of its relatively old-fashioned competitors for now.
Doing so may not generate immediate returns, but thinking outside the box with such interactive activations will most definitely reap immense benefits in the future!

If you would like to consult with our team about interactive art installation options, let us know by enquiring today with as much information as possible and we will be in touch with a customized proposal.
Or if you are just looking for ideas, download our Let’s CREATE Epic Events PDF

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