Our Story

Create Extraordinary Everyday

Transforming New Zealand’s businesses, organizations and people through creative experiences, entertainment and events.

Founded in 2008, the Create has evolved from delivering events, to delivering creativity based experiences that inspire growth, collaboration and connection for organizations. 

82% of companies believe there is a strong connection between creativity and business results. and yet, survey results also show us that 75% of people are under pressure to be productive rather than creative at work. 

There is a clear gap between businesses’ attitudes toward Creativity at work and the actions they take (or more often, don’t take) towards nurturing that Creativity.

C-suites and managers know that their brands and more importantly, their people would benefit from injecting creativity into the workplace because creative workplaces typically have:

  • Stronger team bonds and more collaboration among staff 
  • Increased problem solving and productivity 
  • More workplace engagement 
  • Better staff morale and higher retention rates

We partner with medium-large scale organizations, businesses, leadership teams and event producers to bridge the gap between what they know about Creativity at work and what they want from Creativity at work. By developing and delivering bespoke creative events and wellbeing workshops for brands and their employees, we help leaders sow the seeds of creativity, collaboration and joy in their employees. 

Your solutions: 

  • Event production
  • Event entertainment
  • Brand activation
  • Interactive installations
  • Community engagement
  • Creative wellness workshops
  • Team-building activities and experiences

Our keen eyes for detail coupled with our proprietary Eight to Create implementation framework, ensure that your solutions are delivered at the highest standard with nothing ever being left to chance.

In a world that’s fighting hard for attention, we know what it takes to create experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Wherever you need the magic to happen, we’ll help you create it.

Create’s Core Working Principles

How Our Values Present Themselves In Our Work


Learning focused and Growth mindset. Adaptability and flexibility.


Honor the creative process and recognise the value of exploration & discovery along the way.


Deliver to high standards while prioritising the wellbeing of everyone involved


Find joy in our work and share that joy with others.


Deliver work that is impactful and that creates lasting memories & impressions for all those involved.


Always be the best we can be.


Breed connection through authenticity in ourselves and in the experiences we create for our clients. 


Honor independence and freedom in the way we do our work. 

Our Team

Samantha Fernandes

Creative Director

Meet Samantha, the driving force behind Create. An events and experiences agency with a legacy spanning decades of success. With extensive knowledge, networks & partnerships within the events and experiential sectors, Sam is well placed to lead her team in producing, as the brand says, Extraordinary Everyday. 

Her passion for crafting bespoke, extraordinary experiences that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact on attendees is what sets Create apart.

Sam has a wonderful knack for both understanding and expertly executing a client’s vision. 

Her ability to creatively problem solve, coupled with her keen understanding of what makes truly memorable events, has earned Create a reputation as an expert in the field. 

Bringing a significant level of expertise, inspiration, insight, passion, and commitment to every project, Create events, experiences and activations with Sam at the helm are guaranteed success.

Liv Hobman

Project Lead & Operations

Olivia has a background that explores both the performing arts and the visual arts. She has played a vital role in supporting the operations of more than one professional filming set, and also has extensive experience creating art in multiple mediums. This combination of creative and operational experience makes her exceptional to her role at Create Agency.

Ha-Young Kim

Wellbeing Project Coordinator

With a deep understanding of the complexities of work-life balance in the fast-paced FMCG industry, and her own personal journey with coaching, Ha is uniquely positioned to spearhead initiatives that prioritise health and wellbeing at Create. Her previous work with Urban List, Tip Top, and Goodman Fielder enhance her understanding of the realities and pressures of working in enterprise environments, making her well informed and well placed in the coordination of creative wellbeing projects.

Vicki Watson

Client Liaison Specialist

Vicki is our coordination specialist behind the scenes, ensuring excellent communication and execution of all our projects. With a wealth of experience in the events industry, customer service and administration, she brings an incredibly organised and detail oriented aspect to the team.  Vicki has previously worked for Deloitte & MitoQ.

Lisa Hoyles

Operations Coordinator

Lisa is the backbone of the business, assisting with our bookings, invoicing & administration. She keeps the business  running smoothly, ensuring our day to day operations are in order and that our more critical internal administration tasks are happening seamlessly. Lisa has previously worked as an office manager for DHG.

Ivanha Heynes

Marketing and Comms Specialist

Ivanha is our marketing and communications specialist. She makes sure the essence of our brand is communicated accurately and consistently throughout all our channels. Ivanha has previously worked for Create in an events and marketing support capacity. She currently also works as a Marketing Executive at Hype & Dexter.

Daniela Casas

Events Admin & Support

Daniela is an events and back-end business administration support specialist. With an incredible work ethic, and excellent attention to detail, Daniela prepares our critical event documentation and Health & Safety paperwork. Daniela has previously worked for Create in an events coordinator and facilitator capacity.

Amber Liberte

Event Co-Ordinator

Amber is an experienced event coordinator, producer and all-round creative. She has a background in acting, dancing & personal training. Having delivered many large events, Amber  has significant experience in overseeing the behind the scenes logistics that are critical for an event’s success. Amber has previously worked with The Human Agency.

Margaret Brott

Event Co-Ordinator

Maggie has extensive experience in managing and coordinating large teams at major events as well as television productions. Her knowledge of the industry makes her incredibly efficient and effective in her role. Maggie has previously worked for Nook Homes & Prestige Loos.

Laura Hewetson

Wellbeing Facilatator

As a wellbeing facilitator, Laura is able to connect her artistic passions with informed mindfulness practices to deliver experiences that elevate both creativity and wellbeing. With a decade-long career as a face and body painter in the entertainment industry, Laura understands the nuances of fostering an environment where individuals feel safe enough to embrace creative practices and find joy in the process.

Kaysey Fairbrother-Marsden

Wellbeing Facilatator

Four-time award-winning freelance make-up artist and body painter Kasey boasts nearly a decade of experience in her craft. She’s renowned for her work on blockbuster productions like The Lord Of the Rings: Rings Of Power, Our Flag Means Death, and Chief of War. Specialising in glam makeup, prosthetic/SFX makeup, and TV/Film hair and makeup, Kaysey brings a wealth of practical knowledge to her role at Create.