Creative Wellbeing workshops

A curated series of creative workshops tailored to transform your people and their processes

Your people are your greatest asset; we use creativity to free people & process

We believe everyone has a spark of creativity at their core, cultivating it is a daily choice.

Being creative is being human; trying something new, seeing something old in a new light.
It carves a path to transformation. People that walk the creative path have more influence and resilience.
Crisis are easier to navigate or avoid altogether.
Problems that seem stuck or immovable start shifting.

We’re on a mission to bring creativity into your everyday.
The act of daily creative exploration for wellness; mind-body connection

Our Creative Wellbeing workshops are a series designed to introduce creative practice into everyday life. These workshops will enable your team to try something new, without fear of failure, judgement or criticism; therefore allowing them to connect and trust their own inner voice.

Our Creative Wellbeing workshops will be designed specifically for your team based on the values of your organization and facilitated via our trusted networks of art therapists, creatives, somatic & movement practitioners. We will infuse our extensive knowledge from decades of working within events and creating environments.

We believe a creative life is an extraordinary life filled with joy, passion and purpose.

Is there something you want to transform within your organization?

In a world that’s fighting hard for our attention;
Our mission is to re-connect our mind and body, and foster a child-like sense of curiosity.

With the use of technology on the increase and the rates of burnout within our community following the pandemic, we believe our long-term wellness and resilience relies on:

  1. Being able to disconnect from technology
  2. Having moments of disengagement from the stressors of everyday life
  3. Fully embracing the present moment

Our Creative Wellbeing workshops are designed to be accessible to everyone with varying levels of experience with creativity, art making & movement.

We’ll focus on creating “kind” environments that improve creativity and flow, therefore improving employee satisfaction, connection, collaboration and productivity.

We help weave beads of creativity into everyday with subtle shifts that will strengthen the mind-body connection and cleanse the senses.

Research shows, that by letting the mind wander and day-dream the formation of new connections between previously unrelated concepts, leads to the generation of novel and imaginative ideas.

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Investing in a series of curated art & creative wellbeing workshops for your team can offer numerous on-going benefits;

  • Reducing stress
  • Boosting creativity
  • Improving collaboration across the team
  • Improving focus
  • Higher productivity output in the long-term
  • More resilience

Additionally, Creative Wellbeing workshops & participating in art activities has been shown to increase feelings of well-being, happiness and flow which can lead to improved overall morale in the workplace. By investing in these workshops, you can create a positive and supportive work environment that encourages your team’s growth and development, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

When one can access flow states for prolonged periods they one experience a feeling of effortless mastery, making the task feel less like work and more enjoyable.

This can lead to higher levels of creativity, improved problem-solving skills, and faster completion of tasks. The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that follows flow can boost motivation, leading to higher levels of productivity in the long term.

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Our Creative Wellbeing workshops will provide your team a safe space to experiment with new ideas and techniques, to help unlock their blocks and their own process; which can inspire and spark new ways of thinking when they return to their normal tasks.

Art activities can help stimulate both the right and left sides of the brain, leading to improved overall brain function and increased creativity. Allowing employees to participate in these workshops can also foster a sense of community and collaboration, as they work together to create something new and unique. By boosting creativity and encouraging collaboration, art wellness workshops can ultimately lead to increased productivity and improved work output.

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