Our Story

What Does It Take To Create

Create Agency encourages clients to think big,

Unlock your businesses potential,

And connect with consumers using creative solutions.


Create Agency bridges the gap between a business and its audience through experience-based activations.

When you come to Create with your idea, we unpack it, we do our research and together we develop an event or campaign that aligns with your purpose.

We work with the young at heart bringing physical connections back to marketing.

While we work with our clients directly, we’re also an event producer’s best friend and partner for life;
From breathtaking site decor, interactive art installations, entertainers, and elaborate face & body-art all blended seamlessly with your brand to create maximum impact.

We bring creative talent, entertainment, and experiential marketing to events across New Zealand.

This can be through multi-city brand activations for franchises and on-going promotional events that retain customer engagement.
For one-off events that require creative excellence and out-of-the-box thinking to capture attention.
Or, inspire creativity in your workplace through transferring those same creative services into workshops for team building, so you to can experience the transferrable skills that can be found in creative mediums.

Samantha Fernandes

At Create Agency, we love to bring new ideas to life.

With knowledge across a vast number of creative mediums, Sam has created a business where she can use those talents to assist companies in their goals to grow their business, reach specific audiences, and attract the attention they deserve.

With over 15 years in the events industry and a deep understanding of how various demographics react to different service options, there is no limit to how you can use Create.
Finding new and creative ways for clients to reach their potential is the driving force behind Sam’s ambitions.

“I enjoy researching & finding creative solutions to make it work for my clients, I often look to overseas markets for what’s possible, how bigger brands activate, and how we can translate that to our NZ market.
I want to always provide the best we can for our clients this keeps our team of contractors and suppliers passionate and hungry, along with inspiring our clients to take the risk and invest in their own growth.”

Samantha Fernandes – Creative Director