Timezone Relaunches Nationwide

Create has assisted in the delivery of Grand Opening Events for Timezone venues across New Zealand.
Create has provided decor and entertainment for 7 store launches in 2020 – 2021, this is over half of New Zealand generating an incredibly fun environment.
In 1978, Timezone established its internationally recognized name as the leader in family entertainment. They are dedicated to growing and adapting entertainment with the times which is reflected through our collaboration together.
  • Timezone has 7 stores to reopen, entertainment must include brand decor, and entertainment Generate engagement through entertainment and decor reflecting Timezones’ epic fun-filled environment and increase customer engagement.
  • Enhance customer in-store experience.
  • Offer an experience for customers that encourage them to keep coming back.


  • A red and yellow archway welcomes guests into the store, highlights the event to anyone passing by, and creates the initial “WOW” factor.
  • Custom tenpin bowling and arcade-inspired balloon decor columns.
  • A custom branded Timezone photo wall ensuring customers could capture their memorable experience in-store.
  • The photo wall included custom-cut vinyl stickers of the timezone logo which was applied to the balloons to be captured in guests’ photos.
  • Standard balloon decor in matte-colored organic columns or archways for the other stores based on available space.


  • Balloon twisting due to it being in the midst of 2020 was our alternative to face paint due to its low contact
  • No contact airbrush tattoos
  • Custom stencils were developed and cut for arcade-themed designs and the Timezone logo stencil was a crowd favorite.
  • Mascots for higher traffic stores.


  • Guests spent hours in the venue interacting with every inch of the store, our mascots challenged guests to arcade games, dance battles & air hockey for kids to win little giveaways that encouraged a return visit with free games, or store credit!
  • The Timezone national reopening was a huge success, all ages arrived full of anticipation.
  • A ribbon-cutting ceremony welcomed guests into the store for a full day of games, giveaways, and entertainment.
  • Their long-term development has led to ongoing brand recognition across the country as New Zealand’s leading entertainment experience venue.