Interactive Cocktail Bar

Atmosphere Events x Lion x Bombay Sapphire

The Bombay Sapphire Experience

Atmosphere Events x Lion Interactive Cocktail Bar Experience

Atmosphere Events approached Create Agency to develop a unique experience for the Lion Partners traveling from around the country to attend their annual conference event. The event was a presentation of Lion affiliated brands to activate a station that educates their brand to the select group of Lion Partners. Our interactive activation that we worked alongside atmosphere events on was the Bombay Sapphire brand, supporting their #stircreativity campaign. 


The Brief:

  • A unique experience with the Bombay Sapphire Gin Brand, standing out from the rest
  • Activation must enhance Lion Partners experience at the Annual Conference event
  • Mix and Match your own Bombay Sapphire cocktail or unique cocktail experience that is interactive
  • Will be combined with existing Bombay Sapphire Gin Bar / Cart – approx 1.5m
  • 500x pax at the event – Wynyard Pavillion
  • Event runs 5.30pm-12am. –  6pm-7.30pm is the Stage 1 activation. Speeches 7.30-8.15pm. Stage 2 activation. 8.15pm-9.30pm
  • Audience: Lion Partners – Bar Owners, Hotel GMs that are Lion Affiliated


The Idea:


In this case, the idea was set before the brief was even written. The client had previously seen a champaign skirt designed by Create and has just been waiting for the right event or opportunity to present itself, and what is more opportune than this!

Guests are welcomed into the venue to see a beautiful model wearing a dress adorned with Bombay Sapphires Gin goblets.
After taking their gin goblets from the dress, they are directed to the bar to begin mixing!
An arrangement of luxury herbs, dried fruits & embellishments were readily available, and beautifully presented for guests to really experiment with flavour combinations. 

Considerations for this event were:

  • Capacity – 500 pax people vs how many glasses can safely fit on the skirt?
  • How do we restock the skirt during the activation?
  • Model – getting in and out of the skirt, will need breaks during activation
  • Live foliage vs real-life foliage
  • Bombay Sapphires previous events/activations to stay on brand
  • Highlight the versatility of Bombay Sapphire’s Gin
  • The dress was designed in two connecting parts for the model to get in and out and was on wheels so it could be slowly rotated and refilled from the back.
  • Can the dress hold a tabletop with the garnishes on it? – The answer while it was a yes we decided that it would take away from the visual appearance of the model, could get messy, and have risks for accidents. However, this could be possible for the right occasion!
  • We looked into custom growing herbs to suit the frame of the dress so customers could mix their own cocktails using fresh botanical to complement their creation. While this would have been a little outrageous we had to consider what value this brought to the design, and soon decided the budget was more valuable towards other elements. 


The Result:

The Bombay Sapphire interactive cocktail bar activation was a beautiful personification of the brand as a real-life bartender, and bar all in one, she walked and talked with all the grace and elegance of the brand and the astonishment on the faces of every guest was priceless.

Have a glance at our Youtube video to get a better insight into all the fun of the interactive activation! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF3zGGomVTU

Wow factor is essential to creating a grand entrance, Create Agency specialise in creative events and activations meaning we can work with you to either provide fresh ideas or use our industry knowledge to simply troubleshoot your current ideas to ensure your event is unforgettable.