Connecting through Kindness Activation – K’road

Interactive Street Entertainers & Activation

The Brief:

Re-connecting and engaging our community together through acts of kindness and simple mindfulness exercises. This Interactive Street Entertainers activation was executed during the Covid-19 pandemic when New Zealand started to loosen restrictions. Social distancing requirements were still in place, as was the wearing of masks. The intended outcome of this activation was to re-engage with the community and invite them back into public spaces. Interactive Street Entertainers were booked to engage with them.

The Idea:

Working with the K’Road Business Association, we developed this activation to spread kindness, encourage gratitude and connection and help the public connect with their true selves while re-engaging in public spaces.

Create was tasked with developing a “Wheel of Fortune” style time-traveler activation. Each segment had a symbol representing a task the public was to complete once spinning the wheel. The activities ranged from sendinding messages or calling someone they cared about, mindful breathing exercises, checking-in with one’s emotional states and repeating affirmations. Adaptations from mindfulness based movement exercises and loving-kindness meditations were used.

The Result:

The Interactive Street Entertainers activation was well received by the public and was high-engagement. Part of this activation was also distributing discount vouchers for local food and beverage outlets to encourage spending at local businesses.