Promotional Event Staff for Corporate Events

Actively shape perception

CREATE strategy, CREATE experience, CREATE unforgettable events.

Interactions that prove to be unforgettable

Emotional connection is everything!


Brand Ambassadors creatively engage with your audience to encourage genuine connection, lasting relationships, and positive impressions to drive your companies message home

 By having quality and charismatic promotional event staffing you can guarantee;

Audience engagement
Actively shape your audience’s perception of your brand or message
Your brand seamlessly integrated into both visual and emotional expression
And of course a much shorter to-do list with our industry professionals ticking all your boxes
Save time, energy, and stress

Let’s Create an Unforgettable Activation

Generate high-quality leads, reach a larger audience, & CREATE powerful trust.
Guarantee impressions that last a lifetime,
be ahead of the game.

Have on-brand, promotional event staff at your event to encourage your guests to loosen their ties, take out that ponytail, and enjoy making lasting memories on the path to becoming a dedicated consumer.

Attendee experience is crucial.
Add creative embellishments to your promotional event staff you are instantly imprinting your brand on every guest.

Station staff to greet your attendees, serve drinks or canape’s, or roam your event creating hype, a visual spectacle, and delivery of your brand’s key message.

Professional, punctual, and charismatic staff dedicated to your mission.

Create Agency is well equipped to adapt the right ambassadors to elegantly slip into your brand’s personality.
The Creatives are made up of professional actors, dancers, bar staff, circus and performers alike, we can take on any identity & capture attention instantly.

brand campaign ideas

Sports events, sponsorship events, promotional activations, conferences, awards dinners, sampling, launch events, store openings, restaurants, festivals, & brand experiences,

You need us.

Reep the benefits of unforgettable media content following a successful campaign, with epic advertising opportunities think creatively to about how you can utilize the full potential of our services


Create Agency is focussed and highly skilled in the event industry’s knowledge & importance of event marketing for business’ which allows us to be ahead of the game.

By being constantly on the hunt for new and innovative ideas we are your one-stop-shop for creating events that are proven time and time again to be unforgettable.

event staff

Take advantage of our creative flair for an undeniable impact.

Live events are your secret weapon to a successful marketing campaign, with an ever-growing influx of digital content it is becoming considerably harder to stand out.
We create something extraordinary, by focusing relentlessly on the smallest details
Unique experiences are guaranteed to be remembered, forget second chances at a first impression.

Don’t wait for opportunity, let’s CREATE it

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