Foliage stage and event displays

Stage Dressing and Display Concept

The Brief:

To create an outstanding, awe-inspiring stage display for guests, bringing an element of the outside indoors. To highlight native foliage and create impressive, extraordinary displays that would create a statement piece on the stage as well as be able to be planted in the gardens following the event. These foliage stage and event displays were set-up on stage at Westlake Boys High School where 600 international delegates were entertained. 


The Idea:

Our intention was to break away from traditional event decor and offer something extraordinary that left a lasting impression. By incorporating living plants and foliage, we brought a sense of tranquility and organic beauty to this indoor venue. These displays were carefully curated to complement the theme and style of the event, creating a harmonious blend of native flair, nature and celebration for the international delegates attending.

The process involved selecting the appropriate plants that matched the event’s colors and style. These arrangements adorned stages, adding a grand and delightful touch. Potted plants and trees were strategically positioned, creating a serene atmosphere that embraced guests in a lush oasis.

The Result: 

Guests were greeted with an awe-inspiring, enchanting sight as they stepped into a world where nature’s beauty intertwines with human celebration. The vivid green hues and the intoxicating fragrance of fresh native foliage created a multisensory experience, uplifting spirits and evoking a sense of happiness and mindfulness.

These displays become more than just decor; they become an integral part of the event experience, etching the memory of the occasion deep into the hearts of those present and planted on the land, to create memories for years to come.

These displays promoted sustainability by bringing nature indoors and reducing the need for wasteful, single-use decorations. Additionally, the presence of plants aids in purifying the air and improving the overall indoor air quality, creating a healthier and more enjoyable environment for everyone.