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Can I please have a DINOSAUR?

Balloon twisting adds a fun and exciting element to your event or promotions drawing people in with its vibrant colours, quirky attitude & limitless possibilities. 

As a primarily kid’s orientated service we encourage you to take advantage of little ones’ desperate desire to make sure mum stops for a balloon. Balloon twisting draws in foot traffic and fills your store, restaurant, or venue with colour, laughter, and smiles. 
Because it’s no secret the adults are just excited to receive their gift. 

Don’t wait for foot traffic, CREATE IT!

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Our friendly balloonists can twist magic in a matter of seconds making it the ultimate queue buster for any occasion such as store openings/relaunches, promotional events, cafes & restaurants, outdoor & community events, school galas, Christmas parties, intimate gatherings, fundraisers or corporate events, balloon twisting is always a popular activity.

“Our vibe attracts your tribe”

Our balloonists are highly trained in skillful multiple balloon designs for a premium balloon twisting experience offering every guest an exciting gift to cherish.
We believe the bigger the better, with extravagant hats, jetpacks, unicorns, fairy wings and so much more, all the things a kid needs to step into their imagination and start playing!

Balloon Twisting
Wonderful family fun entertainment! We had a face painter and balloon twister on board for our Kmart Hamilton store opening and the team did an incredible job. Lots of happy (and beautifully painted) faces in the crowd
Kmart, Corporate Affairs Advisor: Kristy Ward

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Balloon Twisting

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We only use Qualatex latex balloons made in the USA and Canada from 100% natural, biodegradable latex with no added fillers. 

Long-lasting, ideal for indoor and some outdoor spaces, Qualatex balloons are produced in plants that have met ISO9001/2000 standards, assuring you of their quality.

Environmental Concerns

Here at Create Agency we take looking after our planet very seriously.

We do not condone the practice of balloon releases, even with biodegradable balloons, as they pose a serious risk to wildlife and marine environments.