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Create experiences. Create memories. Create unforgettable events.

The best way to predict the future is to CREATE it

Reignite the fire in your staff’s productivity. 

Invest in your business strength and longevity.
Spark innovation, productivity & work ethic by rewarding staff with work functions designed to improve company morale through creative expression and hands-on entertainment.

Work functions reward outstanding work ethic & promote your companies morale whilst showing the world you look after your staff by hosting work functions, awards dinners, conferences, and seasonal parties.
Capture the event for further promotion, by showing your audience you care for your staff you are developing an instant relationship, they will want to work for you, they will want to buy from you. You will have earnt their trust, encouraged sales & created healthy competition between your staff members.

Our process is simple, we meet, we talk, we CREATE.

We make it happen.

Communicate with your employees or clients through unforgettable experiences that are proven to boost company morale.

Hosting a corporate event can be a tough decision as it can often be the first thing to be cut from the budget, however by understanding the return on investment in the workplace after hosting a successful company event you are gaining employee productivity and trustworthy relationships with your clients.

“We don’t just meet expectations. We exceed them.”

We work right by your side to execute an event that is an elegant blend of your brand and our fresh ideas delivered on time and within budget.

Establish leadership in the workplace by fusing your live event with event entertainment that delivers your key messages seductively through experiential touchpoints.

Work Functions
Create Agency team have always come across as professionals. Pre-event communication is great and team members are always punctual. Create Agency team is adaptable for specific requests. We started to use Create Agency for face painting, but they are much more than that. From event specific activities for kids, all the way to dressed-up entertainers who help us to engage the audience and even assist in directing people from the car park to the event site. Create Agency team always adds colour to our events. with the painted faces of kids, hand-crafted memories, themed event decor or roaming dressed-up characters, all come with colours of the rainbow. They are all great fun, photo opportunity and always putting smiles on people’s faces. Sharing details of our events help to grow the number of visitors, although it’s difficult to measure it. But it definitely helps to share the event details. The more share, the more opportunity for people to hear about our events. The craft activities are always event specific. Most of the time new materials are used to create magical objects for the kids. Materials can also be recycled if there is a surplus or the event is cancelled. For example, stars were created and used for different events from Matariki Festival to Christmas events.
Angela Radosists | Event Organizer, Auckland Council

Highlight core values, history, mission & encourage employees to step out of their comfort zones.

Use promotional event staff to capture attention, serve drinks, or usher guests into your event.

Charismatic promo staff stationed at your work functions encourages activity, communication, and entertainment.

Benefit from the essential elements of an event blended with creative elegance to spark passion, laughter, and purpose within your business.

Work Functions corporate events

Push innovation with craft stations for adults designed to challenge teamwork, ability & creativity to encourage greater thinking.

Celebrate wrapping up the year, having a star quarter, share the big news, or simply thank your dedicated staff & clients.

Companies with engaged employees make 2.5x more than that with staff who just turn up to get their paycheck, and roughly 87% less likely to leave the company.

The reward system works!

Add team building activities and creative outlets to improve company collaboration.

Giant games, interactive activations & challenges take the mind away from day to day thinking to spark a new perception or innovation.

CREATE entertainment is extremely effective at events as they have a purpose for both clients & employees.

Employees benefit from the proud feeling of reward when they create something beautiful, complete a challenge, or go all out in glitter.

Clients are gifted with a take-home keepsake holding treasured memories from attending your event, creating a positive reminder of who you are.

work functions corporate events
Work Functions Corporate Events

Most importantly let’s build relationships between company, employees, and clients.

All of the above is a giant concoction of positive reinforcement designed to spark the senses, develop trust, and strengthen lasting relationships.

Successful brands are those that are transparent about their beliefs allowing employees and consumer alike to dedicate their time, money, or life to your brand and your business.

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