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What Makeup and Costume are YOU Expecting to See this Halloween?!

Halloween each year is getting bigger, better and far more popular! Don’t get left behind, join in some of the fun. We have done a blog based on what Halloween Costumes and Halloween Makeup we are expecting to see out and about this year for 2017! This is your chance to stay current and on-trend.

I’m sure we all remember 2016 being the year of the Harley Quinn  Halloween Makeup. Is Harley Quinn going to take out this year’s award again by still remaining current, or will Wonder Woman take the stage?

Halloween is Create Agency’s favourite time of year. This year, we are expecting to see a lot of Wonder Woman Halloween Costumes and Pennywise from IT Halloween Makeup, out to cause mayhem. Which character will you transform into this year?

Our team is all about makeup transformations and we love creating characters. Halloween Makeup and Halloween Costumes are one of our specialties and with this list, we were hoping to help you pick something suitable for this year. Whether you want to look sexy or scary, the options are endless; from a costume of your favourite character, makeup or even a full face of prosthetics, we love seeing you go all out! Dress to impress; why not – this is the one time of year you can afford to go crazy!

We are expecting to see many scary clowns in 2017 not only due to the release of Steven King’s IT, but also the killer clown craze that blew up on social media over the last year. This is a great makeup to get the guys involved and in and amongst Halloween. Ladies, for you on the other hand we are no doubt going to see you in a sexy Wonder Woman piece, or Day of the Dead sugar skulls. Sugar Skulls were a huge hit last year and the year before and they still remain on-trend. The beautiful skull makeup designs involve colours and designs allowing you the creative freedom to look sexy but keeping in the theme with the scare factor of Halloween.

Lets not forget about our classic Halloween Makeups; The most popular being a ZOMBIE!! Create your own zombie or find your favourite zombie from ‘The Walking Dead’. Or take inspiration from your favourite zombie movie and have a go at recreating it! You can go for the full-on zombie look using tons of house hold and edible ingredients such as oats, coffee, tissues etc. You can also splatter some blood around for a dramatic zombie massacre!!

If you are not confident doing your own makeup there are tons of ways to still dress your face up! Costume contact lenses, False teeth, and Tinsley Transfers are a great way to get your Halloween look without the need for makeup or face paints and the options are endless – you can shop via our online shop! Or why not book a professional from our team to do your makeup?

Mad Max was another film that was hot off the press last year and still remains current. All you need is a bit of black makeup, some cheek scars and contact lenses to re-create slit face from Mad Max.

Be creative with your Halloween makeup this year and dress to impress your friends, step out of your comfort zone a really make this one a Halloween to remember!

Leave a comment if you have any questions or are needing advice on tips, tricks and ideas for your costume and makeup for 2017’s Halloween!!

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