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Interesting facts about Samantha | Owner of Creative Business Create Agency

Here are 10 facts about me you probably didn’t know!

How often do you actually know anything about the business owners you interact with?

1. I started out as a face painter at age 16 as a part-time job because I earnt more money than anything else, not at all realising it would soon develop into my future business venture Create Agency. It was what got me into body art & SFX Makeup; something I’m super passionate about.

2. I lived in Los Angeles for 5 months in 2013 studying SFX Makeup at the Cinema Makeup school; Hollywood’s Professional Makeup School and trained with/ worked alongside participants of Syfy’s Face Off Television series.

3. I finished studying fashion design at AUT in 2008, specializing in Shima Seiki whole-garment knit technology. I wanted to pursue this as a career in NZ however decided #eventlife was for me, so incorporated my business Create Agency the same year. Itchy feet much?

4. Even though I run a creative event business I actually am a secret geek – I’m obsessed with finding cool new gadgets for home & business automation that make my life more efficient.

5. I can be a ‘Devil wears Prada’ boss when I need to be. If I need something done, I’ll find a way & I’m not one to roll over.

6. I bought a house at age 24 – #girlboss

7. I have no tattoos or piercings which is very strange for ‘creative’. I’ve always been a leader, not a follower; perhaps I’m challenging the status-quo.

8. I get extremely itchy feet if I haven’t travelled in a while.

9. I have a knack for taking on challenges and time-restricted projects that are super impossible and almost kill us trying to finish on time – the girls in the office think I’m an adrenaline junky. (Disclaimer – They love it too and sometimes encourage my ways). It’s super rewarding but we are all zombies at the end!

10. I got Cassie to draft this for me because; 1. It means I can be more time-efficient 2. I rely heavily on my minions – I couldn’t even think of any facts when she asked! #toomanytasks #toolittletime #themagicbrush

Enjoyed this topic? I’d encourage you to do the same. Small business is all about the people behind the business, we’d love to know more about you.

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