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Capture Your Audience With Unforgettable Experiences

CREATE strategy, CREATE experience, CREATE unforgettable events.

Engage quality touchpoints

Creatively blend marketing techniques with your promotional business events to generate the ultimate impact.

A promotional event needs a purpose, we will join you through the process, from concept all the way through to completion, exceeding expectations, and delivering bespoke entertainment that is utterly unique and entirely unforgettable.

Capture dedicated attention from your target audience.

Bring your brand to life.

A relaunch of an existing store, a product launch, seasonal celebrations, and campaigns designed to get NZ are opportunities for growth where well-designed, and considered strategies are vital to the success of your promotional business event.
The Create Agency team can help you achieve this, through reliable systems and extraordinary ideas.

We meet to understand your brand in order to tailor the personality of the entertainment to interact directly with your audience.

promotional event entertainment

With your brand in mind, we work with you to develop exciting and innovative experiential campaign strategies that put you in the spotlight.

Following our initial meeting, you can feel confident your event is in the safest hands with our team at Create, from creative experts to marketing gurus we understand the value of a successful event and use creative data capture to measure your success and build an ongoing strategy that turns your visitors into loyal customers.

Every service tailored to your taste.

Whether you are after services fitted for a store, bar, restaurant re-openings, intimate occasions, corporate events,Β  promotions, and so much more.

corporate events
interactive light installations

Blend your marketing into a live event giving you a 3 part engagement series.

Pre-event builds engagement, hype, and interest.
Event day provides direct communication with your target audience & post-event you are overwhelmed with marketing content and email leads from your event for further engagements.

Reep the benefits of the social posting, hashtags, shares, positive comments, & endless selfies all working together to create the ultimate business review.

photowalls corporate events

Let’s explore your ideas and CREATE entertainment that alines with your brand, builds engagement and hype, and puts your brand in the spotlight.

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