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Organising the Perfect Birthday Party for a Grandparent

For many grandparents in New Zealand, the  reason to wake up every day is their grandchildren. Not only are many grandparents helping to raise kids (with many mum and dads working long hours to meet expenses), but also fulfilling a more active role than in the past. As noted by management at the Raising Children Network of New Zealand, grandparents are living longer, but also enjoying better health outcomes. Therefore, many are energetic and have an interest in social interaction and family celebrations. If your grandparent means the world to you and they are about to celebrate a birthday, relying on Create Agency will add a touch of artistry to your event. Make the party extra special by considering the following tips.

Celebrating Your Grandparent’s Life Creatively

If your grandparent likes the finer things in life – think art, make-up, and art installations – Create Agency can give you a helping hand, with services such as face painting, balloon sculptures in your venue or home, and airbrushed tattoos. For a fantastic gift that will add to the ambience, why not dedicate a wall in your home to a beautiful mural, bearing images or styles your grandparent has always enjoyed – be it natural landscapes, surrealism, or sea life? If you are hiring an event hall, Create Agency can also help you out with props and beautiful installations.

Choosing a Theme

Asking family and friends to come in themed fancy dress is a guaranteed way to add a dash of fun and humor to your grandparent’s next birthday party. When choosing a theme for the party, remember that most of us enjoy celebrating our teen years or youth. Work out when your grandparent was a teen or young adult and go with a theme pertaining to that decade. Make sure to get the music and decoration right as well, so your grandparent feels that they have been whizzed right back to high school! Studies show that as people get older, nostalgia  can help them feel more youthful, which is a great way to feel when celebrating a milestone birthday.

Feeding Frenzy

Getting the menu right is also key when it comes to making your grandparent happy. If they have any special dietary needs (e.g. they are lactose or gluten intolerant), make sure they have plenty of choice when it comes to snacks and dishes. If family will be preparing dishes, entrust some family members to prepare gramp-friendly foods like gluten-free pizza, fruit trays, and desserts and beverages sweetened with stevia instead of sugar.

Recording Event Highlights

Hiring a professional audiovisual company is important if you want to capture quality images and sound during a birthday. Of course, if someone in the family has a quality camera and is handy at using Final Cut Pro or other editing apps and software, they may make the perfect event photographer. Ideally, you should have both still shots and video footage. Once the material is edited, you can have a follow-up event with close family members, to relive the highlights of the party.

For a fabulous party for your grandparent, focus on fun, great food, and spending time together as a family. Theme the celebration around your grandparent’s interests, and make sure the music and décor are just right. Finally, don’t forget speech time; a short homage to your loved one will certainly help them feel like the heart and soul of the party.


– Katlyn Turner

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