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NZ’s Ultimate Guide to Planning a Kids’ Birthday Party

NZ’s Ultimate Guide to Planning a Kids’ Birthday Party

Forget those long-winded and incredibly expensive books on planning a kids’ birthday party! Instead, we’ve got you covered here in our most comprehensive how-to guide yet. As kid’s party entertainers, we’ve been to more birthday parties than you’ve had roast dinners and we’re sharing our findings with you today! From what to eat, party venues and even party entertainment, keep reading on to discover the ultimate guide to planning a kids’ birthday party in NZ!

How to Plan a Great Kids’ Birthday Party

If we could define a great kids’ birthday party, we’d say it would be one where laughter was loud, and smiles were plentiful! Where each child was entertained, had a full stomach and had fun would also be must have points in our definition too.

The question then becomes, how is this achieved? We’re glad you asked, and these tips will help you to get started planning any kid’s birthday party!

  • Work out the guest list – often this will dictate the amount of venue space required, plus food, party favours and entertainment type.


  • Book the venue – if you are hiring a venue, book this very early on. In our experience, we’ve found great kids party venues are ones which have enough space for kids to run around, plenty of toilets, kitchen facilities and good parking.


  • Book the entertainment – good kids’ entertainers like us are popular, so book early. From balloon twisting to face painting, the value professional entertainment brings to your party is priceless! Our party packages are also popular, where we’ll organise craft activities or pamper parties for the birthday guests


  • Organise the food – the easiest option is to chat with your local bakery and organise to pick up a collection of snacks on the day of the party. If you want to take the DIY route, we’ve found popular kids’ birthday party food is often items which are easily eaten with fingers. Saveloys and tomato sauce, chippies, sandwiches, biscuits and cut up fruit or vegetables are usually received quite well.


  • Send out the invitations – it’s quite nice for your child to make their own party invitations. Remember to include a mobile phone number for the parents of guests to RSVP or get in contact with you on the day if required. Also, put on the invitation a drop-off and pick up time, or state that an adult will need to stay with the child if needed.

For more great tips and advice on planning a kids’ birthday party, get in touch with our friendly team of entertainers! Available throughout New Zealand, we’re the number one party entertainers both corporates and individuals trust.

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