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A Creative Event Entertainment business – with no creativity

A Creative Event Entertainment Business - with no creativity.

How do I hold on to creativity whilst running a business?

I have recently found myself in an impasse, where 11 years ago I turned my passion for creative services in to a Creative Events Business. Yet, now I feel as if I find reaching creativity almost impossible! I thought it may be possible that fellow entrepeneurs are experiencing something similar, so today I am sharing my story and top tips to getting back into being creative again.

how it all started

I started this business 11 years ago – Spending most of my time hustling myself into the creative cosmetic industry – body painting, special effects, prosthetic’s, hair and makeup and just about anything else that would match my pent up creative energy.

5 years later

I struggle with finding time to wok on my artistic en-devours and balance a Creative Event Entertainment Business business that’s in the midst of taking off – working on film sets, various large-scale promotions, and big brands like ME Magazine and Weta Workshop – All of this along-side my full-time role at an online fashion store.


I have had to completely let go of the creative to focus on business development, refining my services and hiring others to do the work that I can no longer do. Not just because I have to run the back end to keep the business going – but also because I can no longer physically switch between the admin and the creative.

I have my contractors travelling NZ – making mascot costumes for KFC and V-Pure, working at on film sets, business activations and massive events  for the likes of the Council, Spark and Major event co-ordinating companies I’d only ever dreamed of working with. But here I am –  stuck in the office handling clients, coordinating my staff and building a profitable business.

7 years later

I quit my full-time job, throwing myself completely into my business that’s only just fitting within the realms of how much a human can possibly do. I hire fellow artists from around the country to keep me from drowning in the copious amounts of services I offer, bouncing between private events and working at large scale events – yet still, I continue to offer more creative services to keep me on my toes.

How did I find myself in a creative business where I do not touch an ounce of my creativity – unless it comes to deciding the coffee shop I meet my client at?

Herein lies my issue – How did I find myself in a creative business where I do not touch an ounce of my creativity – unless it comes to deciding the coffee shop I meet my client at?

If I’m having this issue – others must be struggling with this too. So, here are my top tips for keeping the creative momentum going if like me – you are stuck in a lapse for creativity.

10 tips for crossing the impossible barrier - the only way to hold on to creativity when you run a business.

  1. Being in a creative industry probably means your staff members are just as creative as you are – initiate times to not only bond with your colleagues but have a paint/drawing/writing project that everyone will love to be a part of. Block it out in the calendar once a fortnight or month.


2. Find and block out time to work on that project you’ve been meaning to do – actually get out those bits of wood from the shed and plan what you want to do – to start something you have to START something, not just keep telling your coworkers you’ll do it one day.

3. Repeats steps 1 through 2 since work got in the way

4. Start counselling because you have way too much on your plate now and you can’t keep up.

5. Take a holiday away to clear your head and reset.

6. Get back home and repeat steps 1 & 2.

7. Steps 1 & 2 aren’t working because you’re too drunk.

8. Hire someone else to take over half the admin work so you have more time to be creative.

9. Realise it’s amazing to have so much time to think, and you are starting to paint again.

10. Hire them full time, then just give them the whole damn company, move to Hawaii and spend out the rest of your days painting sunsets.

All jokes aside – It isn’t impossible to keep creative. I have discovered I find some of the creative bsuiness aspects like; starting a huge event project and finishing something me and my team are satisfed with, is just as rewarding if not more! Seeing my business grow and develop into something that makes people happy, with a team by my side who love it as much as I do, is enough.

Perhaps one day I’ll get back to painting – when my business is big enough to run itself and I can disappear to Hawaii stoked with everything I have accomplished.

What’s your story? How do you keep up with creativity, hobbies or passions that are put to the side of work? We’d love to hear – and maybe get some ideas!

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