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Kenwood Food Meets Fashion Interactive Art Installations

Our Interactive Art Installations for The Cuisine Good Food Awards was a project we found challenging yet extremely rewarding. It pulled on our knowledge of various areas of expertise and combined them into a show-stopping event entertainment. We combined Fashion Design, Food, Building, Florist, Body Art, Makeup Artistry into a complete package.

From Concept through to Completion, Our team had the pleasure of working with The Human Agency on this brief. We supplied creative input as well as design concepts to the Fairfax Events team. These exhibits were to be sponsored by Kenwood so we also had to come up with creative ways to incorporate the branding into our design.

Food Meets Fashion: The Brief 

For:  Cuisine Good Food Awards – by Cuisine Magazine so the audience is a highly discerning audience of  top chefs and foodies in NZ.  Emphasis on quality and superb food.  Lots of media/photographers present.

Where:  Auckland Museum Atrium

Theme for Event:  Celebrating the best of NZ Food: – ‘Let food be the hero’ with decor reflecting a truly native Kiwi experience – i.e. table settings are moss, ferns, rocks, natural wooden tables .

Model 1: live static model presented as a museum exhibit on a raised podium

reflect  “Where Food Meets Fashion”
tie in with our NZ Food theme.
incorporate interactive canapé – savoury macaroons on long wooden skewer
model to sit on a stool covered by / stand in skirt on a raised white podium

Model 2  – a roaming model/waitress wearing a circular serving tray from which she will serve canapés directly off her tray

Idea: Roaming tray

Headpiece/Hair up and wearing Kenwood blade as headpiece

Bodice: made from wrapped leaves or flax

Tray: fits around body- scatted with moss, ferns peoples, framed with vines hanging from tray.

Canapés to be served on trays – these will be refreshed by catering as they run out.

  • Smoked eel, white callebaut chocolate tuile
  • Orange beetroot, whipped gorgonzola, hazelnut and crystallized vinegar
  • Ōra King Salmon on blini and ouzo gel

Kenwood: Both these exhibits are sponsored by Kenwood and we wish to incorporate their branding and/or product into both models in a subtle/clever way but in doubt about their branding.

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