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Ideas for Halloween Promotions for Bars & Restaurants

As October rolls around once again, bars and restaurants start planning their Halloween promotions. Not only are they a fabulous way of drawing in new customers, but they also attract the regulars and their friends too. As purveyors of Halloween magic, we’ve put together some ideas we’ve seen and heard work fabulously well to inspire you with.

7 Great Ideas for Your Restaurant or Bar Halloween Promotions

October the 31st, the scariest day of the year, is one your business can’t afford to ignore. While it is traditionally an American celebration, it’s popularity in New Zealand has risen sharply over the past few decades and continues to grow. Hosting Halloween promotions in the form of parties, special food or drinks, and costume competitions is well worth your while! Here are seven Halloween celebration ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Special menu

create a themed menu just for Halloween. Flaming cocktails, pumpkin pie and zombie decorated cupcakes sound good to us! Alternatively, you could simply change the name of your regular menu items just for the night.

2. Staff in costume

Set the mood by having your staff dressed in costume with face paint of SFX makeup to match.

3. Halloween costume contents

Put up a bar tab or voucher for the best-dressed witch, zombie or alien costume.

4. Halloween street party

Work together with other nearby restaurants and bars to organize some fabulous Halloween promotions. Line the street with decorations and organize some Halloween entertainers such as fire-eaters, stilt walkers and SFX makeup artists to bring the crowds. You could even invite the trick or treaters too!

5. Face painting entertainment

hire our face paint makeup artists to entertain the kids, while the adults can relax in the restaurant. Or why not offer your adult customers face painting if they come in costume.

6. Murder mystery meal

A themed meal with entertainment is always popular!

7. Trick or treat giveaways

Customers can choose whether they’d like a trick or a treat. What you give them is up to you, but could include a dessert, a voucher, a discount or a fright!

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