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Halloween Face Painting: 10 Ideas to Try This October

Top 10 Halloween Face Painting Ideas

As professional makeup artists, we’re often hired for our Halloween face painting service. Normally our clients know the designs they’d like their face painted. However, sometimes we have to help them decide. That got us thinking we should share with you 10 great Halloween face painting ideas you could try this October.

Sure, zombies and witches are always popular face painting and costume ideas at Halloween. But what if you’re wanting something a little bit different? Here are 10 of our favourite unique Halloween makeup ideas.

1. Corpse Bride
Thanks to Tim Burton, we have the Corpse Bride! Add a bit of decomposing tissue and a worm coming out of your eye for the ultimate effect!
2. Pop Art Zombie
Put a twist on your face paint with a ‘friendly’ style zombie. Add some pop art symbols and bright colours to finish off.
3. Pirate
We can paint a few gruesome scars, an eye patch and even a bandana! For the adults or older kids, let us make those scars super gruesome with SFX makeup!
4. Beetlejuice
An ever-popular choice, Beetlejuice involves adding a pale white base underneath green and purple accents. Don’t forget the stripey costume to match!
5. Tin Man
If you’re looking for your heart this October, why not dress up as the Tin Man! For his Halloween face painting design, use a silver base with black for the tin joints and contouring.
6. Maleficent
A wonderful example of character or costume makeup, Maleficent only needs a light application of makeup, but the final effect is stunning!
7. Sugar Skull Makeup
Traditionally used to celebrate the Day of the Dead on the 1st and 2nd of November, it’s the perfect choice for Halloween! Make sure you check out our article on sugar skull makeup for some great pictures!
8. Ziggy Stardust
Halloween face painting doesn’t have to be scary! Channel David Bowie with a lightning bolt on your face, plus some feathers and fringes for your costume.
9. Twiggy
Combine body and face painting to dress up as Twiggy this Halloween. With a 60’s inspired makeup focus around your eyes and hair styled like a beehive, you’ll be the fashion icon of the party!
10. Pixelated Face
Inspired by Minecraft, a pixelated face can be painted in any colour to match your costume. It requires considerable attention to detail, but is well worth the effort!

We’d love to provide our Halloween face painting service for you this year! Book now to secure your spot!

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