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Keep Up With Global Marketing Trends 2020

Keeping Up With The Latest Global Marketing Trends 2020

How Businesses Were Able To Pivot Through Unique Experiences During This Dark Time.

As COVID-19 has upended many industries, businesses everywhere, from small to large, have had to pivot to survive. Many nonprofit organizations have also undergone huge adjustments, both to better serve their communities and to simply stay afloat. Many have completely shifted from their traditional services to offer new experiential marketing programs that address the pressing issues of COVID-19 creating a new beginning to the global marketing trends 2020.

The reality of how companies are dealing with the crisis and preparing for the recovery is encouraging to Local Kiwi Businesses; although we’re back here yet again, we can use these pivots as inspiration to thrive and turn event entertainment into creative interactive and experiential events; a sustainable path to profitability, one that preserves and enhances brand value in the minds of consumers.  


If you are a creative professional looking for some inspiration and would like to keep up with current global marketing trends 2020, here are a few that might help spark an idea or inspiration. 

  1. Burning Man goes viral and virtual

Want to go Multiversal, have wild virtual adventures, and meet fellow explorers throughout Burn Week? This virtual Burning Man is serving as a COVID-era replacement for the annual desert bacchanalia.
The entire concept encourages one to create your burnable Mini Man effigy using the company’s blueprint, or build something from your own imagination. Then host a small Burn wherever you are, within your local COVID-safe limits, ignited by time zone worldwide on Burning Man’s traditional Burn Night.
You could also share your Burn via the 24-hour live stream, and of course, tune in to connect around the fire for a full day of Burns around the globe.

The whole experience is very whimsical and encourages one to engage and experience the quintessential, communal art experience online.


    2. The Donauinselfest

Donauinsel illustrates an entrepreneurial vision in changing up the traditional music festival.
Donauinsel is the largest open-air festival in one single location. But because of COVID-19, Donauinselfest 2020 was spread across 80 days, with a special open-top double-decker bus touring Vienna’s parks to provide entertainment across the summer with three big shows across the weekend of 18 to 20 September, but with a much-reduced capacity.


    3. Vincent Van Gogh Art comes alive with digital nights in Wellington

The art of Vincent Van Gogh arrives on the Wellington waterfront, using state-of-the-art technology and up to 40 projectors.
It’s fascinating to see this brand new multi-sensory outdoor exhibition in Wellington where Bruce Peterson uses the latest digital technology to surround the viewer with the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. Thousands of his paintings, including “The Starry Night”, “Cafe Terrace at Night”, and “Almond Blossoms” were projected onto an enclosed complex of towering shipping crates.
Forget tiptoeing through silent galleries and imagine a whole new way of interacting with art.  

This immersive experience will have you feeling like you’re walking right into Van Gogh’s timeless masterpieces.  


    4. Sydney’s First Virtual Nightclub

The coronavirus crisis has hit the nightlife industry hard: event cancellations left event organizers scrambling for alternative financial streams.
It really is a new era that we’re living amid the coronavirus outbreak with tons of normal activities that we took for granted before this whole social distancing pivots into an online presence. Sydney’s First
Virtual Nightclub kicked off with a live-stream of local DJs, drinks recommendations, and disco lights.
To make it feel even more like an actual nightclub experience there was a live online chat for individuals to socialize with other bedroom party people.


    5. Fantasy Flight experience excites Taiwanese passengers

Taiwan for instance has emerged relatively unscathed from the pandemic thanks to early and effective prevention steps but has largely closed its borders since mid-March. It has advised citizens against overseas travel unless absolutely necessary.
With planes grounded and most tourism on hold during the pandemic, one Taiwanese airport has come up with a unique solution to help citizens get their travel fix to satisfy their wanderlust. Taipei Songshan Airport is offering locals a tiny taste of travel, dubbed “pretend to go abroad” airport tours.
Tokyo’s business travelers are leaning on the
VR experience for a taste of international travel without having to leave their city. 
Upon boarding the ‘flight’, each passenger is given a VR headset which takes them on a virtual tour of countries and cities such as New York, London, New Zealand, Helsinki, etc. 

Moving forward, there’s more uncertainty on the horizon. The world most likely will not go back to as it was before, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

However, it’s refreshing to see that even though we have just emerged from lockdown as we are currently at Level 2.5, we’re still working with clients to get plans in place and contingencies sorted.
COVID is something we’re going to have to learn to live with, whilst taking appropriate measures to stop the spread but life must go on. It’s a lot of change to get used to all at once, and it’s not static.
So, going forward, adaptability may be our best asset.

Interactive installations

Our team at Create is taking the ‘Business As Usual’ approach, and we can’t wait to get back into doing what we are passionate about in a slightly different interactive format.

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