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Exciting Gender Reveal Ideas for Your Baby Shower

You’ve had the scan and are now looking for gender reveal ideas. Sure, you could simply tell your friends and family you’re having a boy or girl. Nothing wrong with just sharing the news: except you’re wanting to do something a little bit special. What you need is to pick one of our unique gender reveal ideas which have the wow factor. After all, why not announce the exciting news by doing something they’ll never forget (and you can share at your child’s 21st!).

4 Unique Baby Shower Gender Reveal Ideas

You’ve sorted out the baby shower games and organised the food. The guest list has been sent and you’re on the count down towards the party day. The next thing on your list is to decide how you will let others know if you’re having a boy or a girl. So, we’ve made a list of our favourite ideas when it comes to revealing your new arrivals gender at your baby shower:

  1. Cake – an oldie, but a goodie. A multi-layer cake contains icing coloured either pink or blue on the inside. The outside is gender neutral and it isn’t until the cake is cut, that the gender is revealed. You could choose to use cake pops for a more contemporary idea.
  2. Balloon arch – this option does two things: decorates your venue and reveals your baby’s gender. Inside the balloons of your arch, we can fill with your choice of confetti or glitter. As the balloons are popped, guests will quickly discover your baby’s gender.
  3. Harry Potter sorting hat – create or buy your own sorting hat. Hide an article of clothing inside and place it on your head. As you lift the hat off your head, bring out the pink or blue coloured item of clothing revealing the sorting hat’s decision.
  4. Silly string – a bit messy, but still fun. Your guests squirt you with a can of the foam string in a can (silly string) which you have purchased ahead. You will probably need to wrap each can to cover up the colour it contains though. Be sure to have a photographer on hand to capture this colourful moment!

We’d love to help you with your gender reveal and decorate your baby shower venue at the same time. Our balloon arch gender reveal popping option is very popular and provides a sensational experience you’ll remember forever. Get in touch and let’s make a plan for your upcoming baby shower. We want to celebrate with you!

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