Craft Activities For Events

Explore imagination. Encourage creativity

How about using your craft activities as a promotion?

Take home keepsakes can benefit both corporate and intimate gatherings though not only the experience of making the craft but also offering a “free gift” they get to take away.
Imagine your brand, logo or event theme elegantly incorporated into the craft workshop so not only is it a constant reminder of who you are, but physical keepsake holding a positive emotional memory that resonates long after your event.

Be Unforgettable.

Let’s CREATE events with a wild mind
& a disciplined eye

Craft activities hold limitless innovative ideas & an abundance of success.
Ask The Creatives to design crafts from concept to completion, we can blend seamlessly into any theme or brand to deliver tailored entertainment that gives your guests beautiful hand made keepsakes, cherished memories & enjoyment for any age group.

“CREATE the things you wish existed”

Craft activities are tailored to service to all types of events

  • Large events, where the staff is stationed to do crafts with event attendees.
  • Predesigned packages for kids parties where one of our artists arrive and do crafts with your party attendees
  • Adult crafts for work parties, team building, corporate functions, promotional events, etc.
  • Craft workshops are suitable for after school and holiday art programs, large events, corporate functions, community events, kids parties, and more.

We have many successful craft stations that we can use or adapt to any occasion and encourage all crafts to have eco-friendly products and material. Alternatively, crafts are made to last, to be functional and to be kept and used for years to come. For example, decorating themed tote bags.

craft activities
Create Agency are professional, reliable, and prompt with communication. We know we can trust them, and their professionalism is second to none. Sam always puts in a lot of effort with her pitches. When coming up with new entertainment ideas to add to events including corporate, community & events. Sam and the team are really helpful in coming up with some thoughtful ideas and thinking outside of the box. They have a great resource bank to refer back to. It was such an ease working with Sam and the team, there was no stress which in turn is always a positive impact on our events. They market events on our behalf and with our large-scale community events it’s great as it spreads the word! Sam’s ideas for crafts are awesome, always different, and inspirational. I particularly like that Sam caters to the adult craft audience; who knew it wasn’t just for kids! I love that they think about incorporating materials that are reusable or recycled, this is an important message and practice in this day and age.
Event Executive, Crackerjack Promotions
Crackerjack Promotions, Event Executive: Jasmin Vallance & Caey Morris

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A creative approach to life encourages out of the box thinking


Teaches patience and reward, and can be applied to every aspect of life. Craft activities nurture artistic expression in all ages, by teaching us to be confident in our mind and in our abilities by blending the fundamentals of a task with our wildest imagination.

Once opened up and explored.

The outcome is extraordinary.