Balloon Installations and Event Decor

Adorn any venue in vibrant eye-candy

CREATE strategy, CREATE experience, CREATE unforgettable events.

There are no second chances at a first impression

Create a wonderland at your venue with premium balloon installations

Imagine towering balloon garlands, floating baubles, & vibrant colours framing doorways, drawing the eye to a featured product, entrance, or display table.
Balloon installations are the ultimate event venue decoration as they can fill a room, and occupy empty space with such elegance leaving your guests floating on air.

Be an attention-seeking specialist

Don’t wait for foot traffic.
CREATE Epic Event Decor

You need eye-candy in the isles, a vibrant spectacle, a cascade of colours leading the eye to a focal point…
Balloon installations assist in your promotional endeavours as they

  • create an entrance
  • frame a product
  • a backdrop for photos
  • or simply fill empty space with elegant beauty.

Event decor for store launches, re-openings, brand promotions, corporate events, expo’s, shopping centre’s, cafes, restaurants, kids venues, staff events & intimate gatherings.

A beautiful event encourages your guests to take that perfect selfie providing you with an abundance of social media traction, shares & recommendations.
Your consumers and event attendees will market your brand for you!

All our balloons are 100% biodegradable and sustainably sourced, you can rest easy with a clean and green event without having to lift a finger.

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