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DIY or do it for me?

Here are the answers to the big question – “Should I just hire the professional?”

Hey, we are kiwi’s here too, and we love a good DIY, only if the wallets DON’T have to be emptied. We all loved Granddad dressing up as Santa for Christmas, or the fun of scouring LookSharp for the best pink bunting. But here’s the thing. The professionals actually might save you a dollar or two in the long run. Hear us out.

Face Painting

 Products that won’t burn off or stain your children’s skin are EXPENSIVE*.  Not only that, kids have higher expectations nowadays, they’ve been to events where a fire breathing dragon with a night sky in the background is normal, and you may have a few teary children with stinging red eyes from the cheap paint and a very sad looking tiger, which is fine, you tried your best but we have been doing this for a very long time, we’ve had a lot of practice.
*Please research if you are unaware of what I mean by this, the words; ‘lead’ in ‘2$ shop face paint’

Balloon Arches

 They are all the rage at the moment. Sure, LookSharp has plenty of balloons and it’s not hard to choose a colour scheme. Blow two hundred of them up and then artistically place them cascading over the refreshments table – easy right? Well, no. We have a $200 machine that blows them up for us, we also use this thing called ‘double stuffing’ which is when you get a balloon and put it inside another balloon to create a beautifully opaque pastel balloon that’s double the cost.
You’ve seen all those gorgeous matte pastel garlands on Instagram, right? Yeah well, like I said, expensive. Not to mention people want the biodegradable balloons now (Which is completely fair enough – I also enjoy our planet) which are another pretty price tag. It also may take an hour or five, and a step ladder you don’t have, and a billion 3m hooks that will come off very easily since you bought the budget pack, and look it’s just not worth it alright?

Balloon Twisting

 Were you seriously going to try? Please, don’t. It’s a lot harder than YouTube makes it seem.


 Having a fairy for your little girls birthday is one of the sweetest things you can do for your little princess. Although it may seem budget-friendly to perhaps ask your niece a favour and hire or buy a dress, you may find you spend a lot more than you were expecting. The little jars of glitter, the games, the prizes, not to mention the fact that this niece may not actually be very good at being a fairy and wants to play on her phone the whole time. You’ll find that most entertainers come with a polished outfit and a full set of activities ready to go that you didn’t have to prepare. It may cost a little more but it will help your little girl feel that much more special.

All of these are reasons we have to keep our books in check, as the cost of hiring out each service actually comes at a higher cost than you may think. But money isn’t really the biggest reason; your time, is. We do this for a living, so we don’t take time away from our families to put events together. Whereas for you taking the time out of your afternoon to purchase and plan, may actually be at more of a cost to your family than your wallet.

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