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Custom Costume: Bringing Your Ideas to Life!

Are you dreaming of a custom costume for your business, film or promotion? At Create Agency, we take ideas and turn them into reality. From a full wearable ‘suit’ through to a single part, our team of costume designers make magic each day! We thought we’d give you a sneak peek into what happens when a client requests a custom costume from our team.

Why Order a Custom Costume? 

Why would you invest in a fully customised costume when you could pick up a department store costume for a fraction of the price? The key here are the words fully customised costume. They explain it all: you want a costume which looks, feels and behaves in a certain way. You want it to fit a certain sized person and be made of specific materials. All in all, you want a custom costume which is 100% unique and tailored to meet your specific needs.

How to Order a Custom Costume

You may have an image of the costume you need, such as a cartoon character or a graphic image file. Alternatively, you may simply have an idea which you need to be brought to life. Our costume design team can help you with either scenario. In a nutshell, simply approach our team with your ideas. We’ll clarify our understandings of your ideas and your budget, and create a quotation for you based on the materials required and the length of time it will take us to finish the project. All of our custom projects are based on a cost estimate only, with the full time invoiced to the client at the project’s completion. As we work through the project, we can send out regular break-downs of both materials used and time taken.

When you inquire about a customised costume, it’s important to realise that it’s not a quick or cheap process. It is one of the most complex tasks our team does, and we love every minute of it! Depending on the complexity and skills we will need to use, the most suitable materials required and what you envision the final piece to look like, time and cost can vary greatly.

Let’s look at what’s involved with a full body costume.

  • We work on our hourly rate (in studio work), plus materials costs
  • For a head, face and neck alone, aim for around 70-80 hours
  • To add the full body, with arms and hands, add on another 40-50 hours
  • If you want to give feedback and make changes along the way, expect to increase the time and costs
  • Animatronics have a higher cost rate and are billed on time and materials


To learn more about the processes involved and a timeline for your custom costume project, feel free to get in touch with our team today!


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