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Body Stencilling – What Is It & How Can I Do It?

Body stencilling is a form of body art. Used to temporarily decorate parts of our body, body stencilling can also be thought of as being like a temporary tattoo. Stencils can be of any shape and design and are perfect for using when you want to replicate a design accurately on another part of the body.

Used either with or without an airbrush, a body stencil makes it easier and quicker to achieve the perfect design and finish with SFX makeup. Used throughout the world in films, television, theatre, advertising and other occasions where costumes are needed, body stencils are quickly growing in popularity and usage.

Exploring Four Types of Body Stencilling

At Create Agency, body stencils are one of the tools we use for our clients on a regular basis. We can custom make stencils to any design, be it a company logo, words, a replica of a tattoo or a motif worn by a movie character. One of the largest jobs we have done recently was for the play Red Speedo. We created not only the stencil, but also applied the airbrushed tattoo onto the cast member too. You can find out more about this job by reading our Custom Cut Stencils – Airbrushed Temporary Tattoos article.

There are four types of body stencilling we can use with clients. They are:

Temporary tattoos – perfect for large all over body designs. Big designs can be broken down into small parts for easy application.
Airbrushed stencils – much like the temporary tattoo, but this effect is made possible using multi-layer stencils. This adds depth and different colours to the designs.
Sponge painted stencils – often these stencils are sticky backed so they won’t shift during paint application. Good for smaller designs.
Hand painted stencils – great for one off applications, by using the same waterproof inks as a temporary tattoo, we give you a long lasting result with a hand painted unique design. Tattoo transfer paper can be used in this instant for speed and proportion.

How is Body Stencilling Done?

For a professional look, you are best to use, well a professional! Our makeup artists are trained and experienced in the creation and usage of body stencils. If you are looking for a DIY job, visit our online body paint and SFX products store to purchase your supplies.

Here are some general tips on stencilling for you. For more detailed assistance, check out our video gallery.

Sponge – rotate the sponge into the body paint. Holding the stencil onto the body firmly, dab the sponge over the stencil design. Once finished, lift the stencil off without any sliding movements.
Airbrush – hold the airbrush up to the stencil on the body. Pass the airbrush over the area twice or until covered. Lift the stencil off cleanly.
Brush – place the stencil onto the body. Dip the brush into the paint and start covering the design part of the stencil. Keep the stencil there until the design is complete, using multiple colours if you like, and then remove it.

We’re able to help you with the creation of custom body stencils, plus their application throughout New Zealand. Contact us today for more information on your upcoming body stencilling project.

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