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Best Ways to Increase Exhibition Stand Traffic

Forget posters stuck to walls! Try out some of these attention-grabbing and talk provoking ways of increasing your exhibition stand traffic at your corporation’s next trade show appearance.

Your exhibition stand traffic plays a large role in the success of your participation at a trade show. Competition between stands is fierce, and if your stand doesn’t look appealing, you can kiss goodbye to people visiting it. Gone are the days when the lure of a free branded pen had people running to your table. Nor can you rely upon the swap of a competition entry to get an email address anymore. You’ve spent
thousands of dollars in getting your company here for the trade show and you need a return on your investment. What can you do?
You need a plan and that plan includes us. At Create Agency, we’re experts when it comes to helping our corporate clients get noticed with our range of event entertainment options. But there are plenty of other things you can try too, and we’ll share them next.

How You Can Increase Your Exhibition Stand Traffic

Creativity will get you far towards your goal of increased exhibition stand traffic. With hundreds of stands all looking similar, you need to stand out from the crowd. From painted body art hosts, through to balloon sculptures, it’s all about being different from everyone else, and relating to your target audience. This includes things such as:

  •  Sharing knowledge – just like you give free content away online to build your following, do the same in person. This could include free handouts, info on a USB stick or even via email.


  •  Photo booths – invite visitors to take photos with their colleagues at your photo booth. Provide props and a back screen which contain details of your business, and they’ll have a souvenir they’re unlikely to throw away.


  •  Donations – for everyone that comes to your stand and performs an action, such as sharing their email address, you give them a token to put into a container. Each token is for a set amount you will donate to a charity at the end of the exhibition.


  •  Food – give away free food, be it lollies, cakes or fruit to stand visitors.


  • Moving parts on your stand – static displays are boring! Have a customized art installation which guests can interact with, like the two costumes we designed at the 2016 Cuisine Good Food Awards. There would be plenty of people wanting their photos taken with live art models too! Make sure you have a branded backdrop to take advantage of this.


  •  Signage – good signage is vital. While it needs to be reflective of your brand, it doesn’t need to be flat on a wall. A 3-D hole in the head photo board can be created for your business for visitors to take photos of.

Really, the choices are endless and they don’t include posters stuck to walls! We’d love to chat with how we can bring your trade show stand more traffic: give us a call today.

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