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7 Ideas for Face Painted Masquerade Masks

Forget wearing a hot and sweaty mask: face painted masquerade masks are what everyone is wearing nowadays! Not only are the designs endless and the colours beautiful, but the comfort of not needing to wear something strapped onto or held up to your face is amazing! As professional masquerade mask painters, we have many great ideas for designs and are sharing seven of our favourites with you today.

7 Ideas for Painted Masquerade Masks 

Whether made from cardboard or fabric, face masks are hot and uncomfortable to wear. Often requiring elastic around your head or at the end of a stick for you to hold over your eyes, wearing masquerade masks is certainly not comfortable! A far better way is to have your mask painted directly onto your face.

We’ve put together seven visually stunning ideas to get your creative juices flowing

  • Face painted lace – instead of covering up your eyes with netting, accentuate them with a detailed lace design. We can use the natural contours of your face and paint lace around your eyes and over your cheekbones too.
  • Harlequin – whether you’re dressing as a harlequin in bright or patterned clothing, or simply want an eyecatching design, a chequered or diamond patterned mask is stunning!
  • Animal or insect – a delicate butterfly or pampered feline would look amazing! We can even take the design away from your eyes and over your face too.
  • Phantom of the Opera – great for both males and females, why not take inspiration from one of the world’s most famous masks and adapt it to suit your costume?!
  • Sugar skull – there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of the popular sugar skull or Day of the Dead theme to create a gorgeous face painted mask!
  • Floral – why not wear your flowers on your face too! We can paint delicate blooms around your eyes and on your cheekbones too.
  • Halloween – attending a Halloween themed masquerade ball? Paint a skull, zombie or monster design instead of wearing a mask!

Tips on Face Painting Masquerade Masks 

Like with other face painting, it’s important to use the right materials. This includes highquality face paint, brushes and cleaning materials. Stencils may also be able to be used, but there is no substitute for the talent of a professional face painter! You can add glitter and other accessories too, meaning SFX is not out of the question if you want a little something extra.

Work from the inside out on a design, use a sponge to cover a large area, let colours dry before adding more and make sure that you know what the finished design will look like before you begin! For more inspirational ideas and helpful tips, take a look at our Pinterest boards too.

We’d love to help design and paint you a beautiful masquerade mask for your upcoming ball or event! Get in touch with our team today and let’s get painting!

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