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7 Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

7 Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

Planning to host an eco-friendly party? Then have we got the best ideas for you! As party experts, we know that many of our clients are looking for eco-friendly party ideas and activities. So, we’ve put our heads together and made a list of seven earth friendly and green ideas for you to consider.

7 of the Best Eco-Friendly Party Ideas


Whether it’s a birthday party or wedding, going green for a celebration event shouldn’t be complicated. Our disposable culture is slowly changing, and with that mindset, we’re all realising that green doesn’t need to mean boring. One problem is though, to find all the great eco-friendly party ideas, you need to spend hours searching online; until today. We’ve put seven fabulous ideas into one list for you:

5. Say no to gifts – a hard one for the kids but make the guest’s attendance the gift instead of something physical. A much better way to reduce packaging waste and prevent more rubbish ending up in the landfill.

6. Make your own party decorations – you could upcycle clothing by cutting and sewing it into flags or buntings. Or recycle empty jars into pot plant containers to decorate the table with. Confetti cut with a decorative punch using leaves can give you nifty biodegradable decorations too.

7.Vintage tea party – hit up all the Op shops and second-hand traders in the months leading up to your party for crockery and cutlery. You could choose them based upon your party theme and resell or keep them after the party. No disposable plates for you.

1. Eco-friendly glitter – add some sparkle to your party with Eco-Stardust Biodegradable Glitter! You could sprinkle it on the invitations or table, use it as fairy dust or as a part of your recycled crafts activity table. It’s one of the amazing products we sell! You could even use it as biodegradable confetti at a wedding too.

2. Edible centrepieces – who says food can’t be decorative? You could create all sorts of exciting centrepieces with food, and Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas.

3. Felt party hats – say no to one-time use paper hats and either make or purchase felt party hats instead. They can be worn many times and taken home by little (or big) guests.

4. Green party favours – send your guests home with some flower seeds or a cutting from your garden. A lovely way to help them remember your party in months to come.

Nowadays, we all need to be mindful in the choices we make. These eco-friendly party ideas are just some of the fabulous ideas our team can help you with. For more information about how we can bring your party alive, or to purchase our eco-friendly glitter, get in touch with us today.

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